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Historically it has been very difficult to treat acne scarring effectively without incurring significant cost and inconvenience. The Picosure FOCUS Lens treatment takes less than 30 minutes, and most clients will only need 2-3 treatments in total to improve the appearance or possible remove their acne scarring. Complementing the PicoSure FOCUS Lens treatment we can also utilize the Epionce skin care products to impact the health of your skin which helps to unleash its natural healing potential.

Acne affects nearly every one of us at some point in our lives. Acne scarring can happen even without picking due to the damaging process of inflammation. Fortunately, a fast, effective and affordable treatment for acne scarring has finally arrived in Encino, CA with the PicoSure FOCUS Lens Acne Scarring Treatment.

In clinical studies, 77% of patients achieved greater than 50% improvement as graded by the physician:

  • PicoSure received 97% physician satisfaction rate at the one month follow up appointment and increased to 100% at the three month follow up.
  • PicoSure received 76% patient satisfaction rate at the one month follow up appointment and increased to 86% patient satisfaction rate at the three month follow up.

Based on results from Cynosure’s clinical study, these are very positive signs to restoring normal skin elasticity in the scar tissue and thus reducing the appearance of the scar.

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