Tattoo removal has historically been a painful and challenging process, which was not always successful in fully removing body ink. An innovative laser procedure known as Picosure is now changing that perception, offering a more thorough method of removing all types and colors of body tattoos. By capitalizing on Q-switched laser technology, Picosure is taking tattoo removal to a whole new level today.

What is Picosure?

Picosure was approved by the FDA for tattoo removal in December 2012. The laser device utilizes rapidly pulsating energy to break up tattoo ink into tiny particles for easy elimination by natural body processes. Picosure allows for more precision than ever before, with the ability to remove tattoo ink in a fraction of the time of other tattoo removal procedures.

How does it Work?

At Incredible Veins, Skin and Body, we offer Picosure treatments on an outpatient basis. Patients receive a powerful numbing cream prior to treatment and a cooling device during treatment to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. Most patients compare the discomfort to a rubber band snapping against the skin, and the majority agrees that getting the tattoo was more uncomfortable than the removal process.

The duration of a Picosure treatment will depend on the size of the tattoo to be treated. Most patients will need a series of sessions, which can usually be performed on a monthly basis. Patients report a sensation to sunburn after a Picosure treatment, which subsides within a few days after the procedure.

Why does it Work so Well?

Picosure is effective in eliminating nearly all types of body art, even those that do not respond to other treatments. Dark blue and green inks that often do not fade with other treatments can be eliminated with Picosure. Even tattoos that did not successfully fade away with other types of laser procedures may be effectively addressed with Picosure.

The difference with Picosure is the speed at which the energy pulses create a photomechanical effect. This effect results in better dispersion of the ink particles, so the elimination process can be more methodical. Because ink particles are more thoroughly destroyed, the body is better able to eliminate the particles naturally.

Picosure offers a number of benefits over other tattoo treatments, including fewer treatment sessions, better elimination of even stubborn ink colors and fewer side effects for the patient. To learn more about Picosure tattoo removal, contact Incredible Veins, Skin and Body at 818-423-5828 to schedule your personal consultation.

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