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Dear Dr. Ebrahimi,For many years, I was hesitant to have surgery for my varicose veins. My previous doctor have explained to me the stripping procedure which required several days of staying in the hospital and associated significant pain and most importantly my inability to go back to work. After my recent referral from my family physician to see you, I learned about the very simple in office walk-in procedure that uses laser to close my abnormal veins. After having the procedure done by you which took just under 30 minutes ...
Albert M.
I had longstanding varicose veins but was not aware that the problems I had in my legs were related to the varicose vein problem. I did not suffer any leg pain, so I didn’t seek treatment until I was referred to Dr. Ebrahimi by my primary care doctor for an evaluation. He explained that swelling of the ankles and tired feelings in the legs were the result of varicose veins disease. He explained the laser surgery that was done just over 30 minutes in the office. The results were so ...
Jeannine M.
To my favorite Doctor, I have been suffering from painful varicose veins associated with bunch of other problems including swelling, itching mess, and heavy legs for much too long. Thank God, I happened to visit your office and Dr. Ebrahimi described and explained my leg problems in layman’s terms and also presented my options for treatment.I opted to choose the laser surgery to treat my abnormal refluxing veins and as Dr. Ebrahimi had previously described to me, I had no surprises and he performed everything as he had explained to ...
Edward W.
Prior to meeting with Dr Ebrahimi, I was suffering severe pain and difficulty walking long distances. With his excellent bedside manner, Dr Ebrahimi thoroughly explained the laser procedure in such detail and easy to understand language. This significantly put me at ease and gave me a complete confidence to undergo Laser vein procedure. This was performed in the office, under local anesthetics with minimal or any discomfort, and the whole procedure only took 25 minutes. Since my laser vein procedure, my pain is totally gone! Thanks Dr. Ebrahimi for excellent ...
Jennifer H.
I have to mention my frustration with longstanding repeated visits to wound care center for severe ulcers in both of my legs that were not healing for several months. I even needed to be admitted to the hospital several times for antibiotics treatments. After I met Dr. Ebrahimi in the office, following a simple ultrasound test, he told me that my leg issues were related to vein problems in my leg and an easy outpatient surgery to close the abnormal vein using laser would resolve the problem. I was told ...
Barbara M.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Sam Ebrahimi

Dr. Sam Ebrahimi is committed to providing all of his patients with high quality care that comes from his extensive training and experience in Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic surgery. Dr. Ebrahimi graduated from the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine in Chicago and went on to complete residencies in General surgery at both UCLA Medical Center and University of Maryland Medical Systems. He has also completed residencies and fellowships in cardiothoracic surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, and in Thoracic Transplantation at UCLA Medical Center.

Tabitha Carnevale RN, MSN, FNP

Tabitha received her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Loma Linda University and went on to earn her Master of Nursing degree and Family Nurse Practitioner degree at California State University Long Beach. She has been licensed as a registered nurse since 1991 and as a Nurse Practitioner since 1996. Although she has enjoyed many diverse areas of nursing, since 2008 she has chosen to specialize in aesthetic medicine. With extensive knowledge and education to match her artistic judgment, she administers both laser technologies and cosmetic injectables to produce the most natural and individualized results for each patient.